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Is the Disinfection Chemistry produced in the UK?

Yes, our Disinfection Chemistry has been manufactured in our very own laboratory within the UK.

Is the Chemistry Environmentally friendly?

Our Disinfection Chemistry is 100% environmentally friendly and is produced from natural plant extracts.

1. How many people can pass through a channel in a minute

Approximately 4-5 people can pass through the channel in a minute, depending on how long it takes
each individual to pass through the fogging area

2. Is the fogging chemistry safe?
Medi-cleans UniBlue has been tested in accredited test houses to EU EN Efficacy Standard Tests as It
is also dermatologically approved and tested as ‘Excellent’. It has received a non-corrosive result as
well as ISEGA approval for indirect food contact without the need for water rising. Certificates
available on request.

3. Will the fogging chemistry damage the clothes of the personnel entering?
No, the fogging chemistry is tested and PT4 approved therefore harmless to materials and surfaces it
comes in contact with.

4. Can the face recognition panel be monitored?
The intelligent face recognition panel can be controlled and adjusted from the panel itself or through
an IP address that can be used on a PC.

5. What instructions are provided with the channel?
A complete user guide for product specification and facial recognition setup and operational manual
is provided with the channel in addition to Medi-Clean’s support any time needed.

6. What hand sanitiser can be used?
Gel based hand sanitiser to ensure accurate dose per application. We recommend Medi-Cleans 70%
alcohol based hand gel.

7. Is the unit easy to move from one area to another?
The unit is on 4 wheels with break pads, therefore can be easily transported from one entrance to

8. What is the fogging mechanism?

The fogging is produced by ultrasonic atomising

9. What is the recommended fogging time for sufficient disinfection of personnel entering the
The approximate time personnel spend in the channel is 5-15 seconds. This is enough for the
fogging to effectively disinfect the personnel in the unit.

10. Is the chemistry supplied with the channel?
Our bespoke chemistry is purchased separately.

11. Does the fogging chemistry need to be diluted?
No, the chemistry is provided at the accurate concentration and doesn’t need to be diluted for

12. Does the product come with warranty?
Yes, our portable and intelligent disinfection channel comes with a one year warranty.

13. Does the channel need someone to operate it?
No, once the channel is set up and fogging, it does not need to be manually operated.

14. What if it gets in my eyes?
Uniblue is non-toxic so it will not act as an irritant. The sensitivity studies confirm there is no adverse
impact from the fog produced on the eye. If a reaction develops, rinse eyes with plenty of water and
seek medical attention.

1. What artwork is required for the branded facemasks?
Your company logo is required for the branding. Please contact us for more information on the
file format.

2. Are the facemasks medical grade?
The branded facemasks are not medical grade, the 3 Ply Disposable face masks are

3. What quantities are the sanitisers available in?
50ml, 250ml, 1L, 5L & IBC

Can the Air Purification Unit fit into any room?

Yes. Medi-Clean has a choice of three Air Purification Units to suit your room and requirements. The full unit can accommodate large spaces, the compact unit is ideal for standard rooms and the ceiling unit can be fitted ideally for office environments.

1. What type of sanitiser can be used in the dispenser?
Any gel-based sanitiser is suitable. We highly recommend our 70% alcohol gel refills. These can be
found on our Hand Gel page

2. How much sanitiser is dispensed per application?
Our automatic sanitiser dispenses 1 millilitre per application.

EMPLOYEES – On average one employee will use around 4 applications per day; depending on what
industry you are in this could fluctuate. If buying 5ltr refills, each employee will use around 4ml per
day costing £1.52 per employee.

CUSTOMERS – How many customers do you have? Depending on what industry you are in will affect
the amount of sanitiser each customer uses. As a basic guide each customer will use 1 millilitre each
time, they sanitise costing around £0.0038 per application.

3. How many applications per 5L?
Between 2500 – 5000 applications

4. Is the sanitiser suitable for children?
The sanitiser is extremely safe and suitable for all ages

5. Is the sanitiser safe on the skin?
Our sanitiser is dermatologically tested as excellent

6. Artwork and design
We require your company logo and requested colour theme. Please send us a file containing the
artwork that you would like to apply to your products, and we will be happy to advise on the best

7. Can I see a design of my product before production and shipment?
Yes, we can provide you with design visuals of your order.

There are currently no top questions.
Please contact a Medi-Clean representative for information. Thank you.

1. Returns and refunds
Please contact a Medi-Clean Representative for more information

2. The item received is broken or damaged
We are sorry that your item was not received as expected. Please contact a Medi-Clean
representative to sort this out.

3. Warranty on products
Most products have a warranty. Please contact a Medi-Clean Representative for more information

4. Bulk orders
Our Sales team are delighted to be able to offer you savings that satisfy your requirements as
efficiently as possible when placing bulk orders.

Please contact us on info@medicleantechnologies.co.uk for more information on bulk orders

5. Do you offer a hire service on your products?
We offer a hire service on selected products. Contact a Medi-Clean representative for more

1. Shipping destinations
At Medi-Clean Technologies we supply companies of all sizes, from small independents to
multinationals. UK & Worldwide orders and shipping

2. Shipping times
Variable depending on the item purchased, stock availability and shipping destination.
Orders for items which are in stock will be despatched within 48 hours.
Where items are currently out of stock, delivery times are variable
We always email an estimated despatch date within 24 hours (excluding weekends) of receiving your

3. Shipping costs
Variable depending on the item purchased and shipping destination

4. Payment options
Please contact a Medi-clean representative for more information on payment options

5. Order inquiry
If you have a problem with your order do not hesitate to contact us on the number/ email provided
and we will be happy to rectify the problem.

1. What type of environments are suitable for fogging to be carried out?

Our fogging machines effectively sanitise environments of any size. The fogging is a relatively quick
process making it suitable for regular application and the treated areas and equipment can be
brought back into operation without delay. It is perfect for disinfecting areas where bacterial and
viral infections can potentially spread. It can effectively disinfect areas such as schools, care homes,
offices, hotels, gyms, hospitals, shops, public transport, factories, clinics, restaurants, and many

2. Is the chemistry used safe for contact with skin?
Medi-cleans UniBlue has been tested in accredited test houses to EU EN Efficacy Standard Tests as It
is also dermatologically approved and tested as ‘Excellent’. It has received a non-corrosive result as
well as ISEGA approval for indirect food contact without the need for water rising. Certificates
available on request.

3. After fogging has been carried out, when is it safe to re-enter the treated area?
Our specialist disinfectant is extremely safe that personnel can be present in the room whilst
application or immediately after.

4. How effective is Medi-Cleans UniBlue against COVID-19?
Our fogging machines have been thoroughly tested to ensure they operate at the highest
disinfection standards. Test reports and Certificates are available on request.

5. Do I need to remove all electrical equipment before fogging is carried out?
If Medi-Clean’s Uniblue is used for fogging the selected area, there is no need to remove electrical

For more technical questions, please contact our team directly.

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