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Medi-Clean Technologies

Here to safeguard your business

As part of our vision and mission, we endeavour to deliver high-end safety products and premium solutions.

We present a wide range of Medi-Clean products, fully tested and certified to provide safer working and public environments.

Items are categorised to easily choose whether your requirement is to improve long term issues or reach a higher level of safety for yourself, colleagues and visitors.

Biocide disinfection chemistry

Disinfection Chemistry

A patented combination of BPR Annex 1 biocides and co-formulants to control and protect.

Anti-Viral Cleaner sanitiser soluble sachet

Soluble Cleaning Solutions

Versatile sanitiser cleaner products that come as powder sachets to be diluted and are wrapped up safely in water soluble film.

soap2o pack with sachets


A 'green' soap solution removing the need of single-use plastics and reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria.

motorscrubber disinfectant sprayer backpack

Electrostatic & Disinfectant Equipment

Products based on a fine mist spray made of microbicide electrostatic atoms or disinfectant fog made of micron particles.

Mobile thermometry disinfectant channel front left side unit

Portable & Intelligent Disinfection Unit

Products that provide an extra layer of safety and hygiene for people to access venues or places of work.

Standalone temperature screening unit with detection

Temperature Screening Unit

Products that detect temperatures and face recognition by screening people to access venues or places of work.


UVC Air Purification Units

Products designed to provide the best air sterilisation for a variety of spaces and to clean the air that we share.


Hand Sanitising Units

Effective sanitising solutions to help employees and customers with hygiene, protecting against bacteria and viruses.

Personal Protective Equipment PPE product thumbnail

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products such as Personal Care Packs, Respiratory Face Masks, Face Coverings and Sanitising Liquids.

What combination
of Medi-Clean products
work best for you?

If you’re unsure about what products you need for a thorough hygiene strategy, then don’t fret.

Our team of experts here at Medi-Clean Technologies, as well as the wider Core Additives and GSS Elite family, can help understand the complexities of your own business requirements, and can suggest the best possible approach from the above products.

If you’d like to know more about which Medi-Clean products would work best for you, please contact our team directly, who will be more than happy to help.