Electrostatic Fogging Machine


Medi-Clean’s Electrostatic Fogging Machine is based on a electrostatic microbicide system that sprays a fine, atomised mist carrying decontaminating compounds, such as anti-toxins, disinfectants, or sanitisers.


High Pressure Fog

3 x More on Target

Anti-microbial Chemistry

Surface Friendly

Anti-virus Protection

Tiny Micron Droplets


The high-pressure fog penetrates every crevice with tiny droplets (around 40 microns) that are able to remain suspended in the air until it evaporates, in comparison to misting which often produces larger droplets (around 200 microns). The spray is powerful, compact, and quiet for continuous operation and optimised for TiO2 coatings which can be applied to almost any surface and skin.



The Electrostatic Fogging Machine spray gun is simple to operate. It’s easy to move high and low and the flow rate is operator adjustable and regulated from the panel mounted gauge. The nozzle is specifically designed to shatter when applying disinfectant. This creates an electrostatic charge and the components are stainless steel for durability with resistance to corrosion. This is without clogging and can be quickly connected after cleaning.

Conventional fogging can spray about 20% on target as well as off target. Whereas electrostatic fogging sprays attract and cling up to 3 times more on target and less than 20% off target. The scope of the Fogging Machine’s spray will protect compounds in the rooms against anti-bacteria, anti-fungus, anti-virus as well as removing volative organic compound and self-cleaning. The spray deposits less than half the amount against pump or trigger sprayers. This is by using only 58 grams which can significantly reduce application costs.



The Process

The anti-microbial spray is TiO2 – Titanium dioxide, titanium(IV) oxide or titania, is a naturally occurring oxide of titanium, chemical formula TiO2. The photo catalyst TiO2 absorbs ultraviolet radiation from sunlight or illuminated light source. This produces pairs of electrons and holes under light. As organic compounds touch the TiO2, the process of reduction to CO2 and H2O starts. It involves the intermediate stage of using the water in the atmosphere to hydrolyse it to H2 and O2 that attack the organic pollutant – leaving safer working and public environments that are longer protected against reoccurring bacteria and viruses.


Want to find out more about our disinfectant fogging machines? If so, contact us

If you’d like to find out more about our fogging machines, or what combination of products would be needed for the hygiene strategy for your business, then contact our team of experts. By doing so, we at Medi-Clean, alongside the wider family of Core Additives and Elite GSS, will be able to provide you in-depth advice on any query. So, if you need more info, get in touch.




Technical Details
  • Size: 56cm x 35cm x 23cm
  • Weight: 27kg (59lbs)
  • Spray Range: Over 3m
  • Droplet size: 40 Microns (VMD)
  • Internal Air Supply: 1.06 HP (800W)
  • Electrostatic Changing Voltage: 0.6KV–1.2 KV
  • Pneumatic Atomisation
  • Flow Rate Variable: 20ml/min to 14L/hr
  • Air Supply Pressure: 2.90 bar (42 psi)
  • Liquid Line Pressure: Up to 2.10 bar (30 psi)
  • Hose Length: 6m (19.5 ft)
  • Spray Overhead
  • Quick flush for cleaning up
  • Tank Draining: Not required
  • Tank Pressure: Not required
  • Tank Capacity Unlimited
  • Spray Gun Components: Stainless Steel
  • Compressor Mount: Stainless Steel
  • Connectors: Chromed with easy thumb push
  • Noise Level: 53 dB
  • Operating Voltage: Hz 115 VAC / 60 Hz


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