Branded & Non-Branded Freestanding Hand Sanitising Unit


Medi-Clean’s Branded & Non-Branded Freestanding Hand Sanitising Unit has a unique and stylish design, manufactured from mild steel and then powder coated in white as standard. It includes a single automatic dispenser unit, which is simply attached to the stand via pre-drilled screws, that can be filled with our unique sanitiser gel or one of your own choice.


Designed to stand out

The unit is free-standing with footing that can be secured to the floor or placed wherever you choose. The Freestanding Hand Sanitising Units are available in our standard colour high-gloss white, however they can also be branded with your company logo, contact details and corporate colours if required.


Give it a hand

The Hand Sanitising Dispenser is an automatic and intelligent anti-bacterial spray that is naturally safe for longer.
Simply place each hand under the dispenser for touch-free detection and a dose of measured gel is applied to be massaged into the hand. Hands are hygienic in seconds, fully covered with the formula and effectively sanitised.



The Freestanding Hand Sanitising Unit is a sturdy design that can be branded to your design and automatically dispenses an intelligent spray to keep safe by killing bacteria for longer. As such, these easy to use stations are becoming the norm in most workplaces, and provide not only peace of mind, but a cost-effective approach to keeping people safe.

An active ingredient within our Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitiser creates an acidic environment (which generates radicals, damaging all cellular components) for the bacteria, which disrupts the bacterial function, making bacterial contents vulnerable. Energy is then used by the bacteria to remove the acid outside and/or try to produce alkalis to restore the PH levels back to normal. All these factors cause the bacteria to become exhausted and therefore stop reproduction. They are also natural and free from alcohol, meaning you can have a more eco-friendly approach to your hygiene.

Find out more about Medi-Clean Anti-Bacterial Hand Sanitisers or Anti-Viral Surface Disinfectants.


Want to find out more about our Freestanding Hand Sanitising Unit? If so, contact us

If you’d like to find out more about our Hand Sanitising Units, or what combination of products would be needed for the hygiene strategy for your business, then contact our team of experts. By doing so, we at Medi-Clean, alongside the wider family of Core Additives and Elite GSS, will be able to provide you in-depth advice on any query. So, if you need more info, get in touch.




Technical Details

  • Size: Available in sizes 25 L, 205L and 1000L
  • Biocidal effectiveness in compliance with the following standards: EN1276, EN1650, EN13697 and EN 14476+A1
  • Manufactured in accordance with recognises international standards, ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, ensures consistent quality of products
  • Remains effective at PH 3-5, there is no harm when in contact with the skin
  • Formulated with all-natural ingredients with no meat derivatives and are awaiting Halal approval


Key Features
  • Eco friendly natural formulation process, with active biological ingredients used instead of alcohol
  • Contains a natural, anti-microbial and anti-viral active ingredient found in many foods which is effective against a wide spectrum of bacteria and viruses
  • Biodegradable and no aquatic toxicity minimising environmental impact
  • No hazard labelling, reducing requirement for PPE and COSHH
  • High-performance sanitisation of all types of hard surfaces, suitable for food surfaces
  • Food safe
  • Formulated with all-natural ingredients with no meat derivatives and are awaiting Halal approval


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