Temperature Screening Unit

Non-contact facial Temperature Screening Unit that is quick, yet effective and is powered through advanced thermal imaging and AI technology.
This industry-leading system operates through facial recognition and provides proactive protection to keep staff and the public safe.


Why use Temperature Screening?

In addition to both short and long-term hygiene issues, COVID-19 has created an exceptional challenge in protecting the public, staff, and businesses against a new and invisible threat.
Temperature screening is a practical and effective part of the COVID-19 risk reduction strategy.


Non-contact for hygiene

The temperature screening device uses a red and green light stop-go system and includes audio messages to allow for fast and effective temperature screening.

An alarm is calibrated to the World Health Organisations (WHO) recommended temperature of 37.5 degrees Celsius, ensuring that people on the early onset of fever are identified from non-contact measurement that is taken instantly from up to 80cm distance.



The Process

The individual will enter the premises, where they will walk towards the Temperature Screening Unit to reach the detection zone where their temperature will be measured.

The system uses facial recognition when a user is in front of the device to measure their temperature.
A green light will show along with an audio message of the temperature reading for regular temperature readings. When it detects an elevated temperature, the device will show a red light and sound an alarm.

Administrators will receive email notifications for each user.




Privacy and Cloud Storage

Administrators can access the Cloud Dashboard through a Wi-Fi connection to allow remote functionality.

The Temperature Screening device includes a wide range of data storage options, one of which is a secure cloud platform that allows administrators to review data on their devices.
For a positive case, the administrator provides an additional level of reassurance and full contact tracing for those who may be affected.

This online dashboard is hosted on secure AWS servers that protect the data with high-grade encryption.
Records are deleted after a set number of days to help with Privacy Policy requirements and no user data is stored using full privacy mode.




Customisable Voice Messages

The Temperature Screening Unit uses editable text to speech voice messages which help to improve safety awareness and ensure user accessibility.
Greet your staff and visitors with customisable messages such as “Please use the hand sanitiser”.

Not only that, but the voice messages have a range of international languages to choose from, allowing you to cater perfectly to your audience.
For those who prefer not to hear the audio, this can also be muted – whatever your preference.



Find out more about our Temperature Screening Unit and contact us

If you’d like to find out more about our Temperature Screening Unit for your business, then contact our team of experts. So, here at Medi-Clean and alongside the wider family of Core Additives and Elite GSS, will be able to provide you in-depth advice on any query.



Technical Details

  • Size (head unit): 260.18mm x 132.88mm x 61.7mm
  • Height (incl. stand): 1480mm
  • Weight: 11.9kg


  • 2Mp Binocular-wide Dynamic Camera
  • Screening Distance 30cm – 80cm
  • 8″ IPS LCD Screen
  • 800 x 1280p Resolution
  • RK3288 Quad Core CPU, 2GB RAM with up to 1.8GHz


  • Plug and Play installation in just 15 minutes
  • Screens individuals of different heights effectively in just a second – no congestion at entrances
  • Standalone non-contact measurement with accuracy to +/-0.3 degrees
  • Individuals can keep face mask/covering on during screening process
  • No need for User Training
  • Internet not required


  • Wireless (WiFi) or RJ45 Wired Ethernet
  • Audio 2.5Watt /4R speakers
  • 2 x USB 2.0 ports
  • Serial and RS232 com port
  • Door opening signal output
  • Wigan interface 26/34 output
  • DC12V(±10%) Power Supply
  • 20˚C~40˚C Operating Temperature
  • 13.5W (max.) Power Consumption


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