Portable & Intelligent Disinfection Unit

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The Portable & Intelligent Disinfection Unit is a unique, innovative and revolutionary channel, developed to provide an extra layer of safety and hygiene when allowing people access to venues or places of work, whilst also providing staff and the public additional confidence and reassurance.


Safe Chemicals

Face Recognition

Disinfectant Vent


Lasting Protection

Temperature Alarm

Quick Process

Anti-virus Protection

Intelligent Control


The system provides a wide range of high-quality features, from the detection of abnormal temperature of personnel to automatic liquid feeding, real-time display of the running state, automatic reaction of entry and exit objects.

Our Portable & Intelligent Disinfection Channel can also record, test data, and store images and no specialised personnel are required for the operation of the units due to the system being under intelligent control.


Medi-Clean’s Portable & Intelligent Disinfection Unit uses disinfection chemistry that is 100% environmentally friendly and is the first non-classified, highly effective, disinfection product in the world that has a Simplified Authorisation (UK). Furthermore, our formula is EU-approved for healthcare, veterinary, farming, food industry and retail.



Protect your Environment

Our Portable & Intelligent Disinfection Unit has the ability to measure the abnormal temperature of personnel, for abnormal conditions (if the temperature is higher than the set temperature) and sound a voice alarm to ensure that personnel cannot pass further through the Disinfection Unit into your building.

An Intelligent Voice Model collects temperature data, peak extraction and contrast output signal. Also, it will beep promptly with uncharacteristic behaviour.
Therefore, there is no need for specialist personnel to operate the system and personnel details can be controlled remotely via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.



Automatic Detection and Control

The booth is fixed with high-precision and industrial infrared spectral sensors, which are regulated by the black body radiation source in the building. As a result, it identifies each person that enters.
In addition, Face Recognition allows non-contact measurement of body temperature, which is not only fast and reliable but very effective to avoid cross-contamination.
At the same time, the person can safely sanitise their hands from the automatic dispenser.



Portable for any Entrance

For easy transportation and rapid deployment, the Portable & Intelligent Disinfection Unit is equipped with castors and handles. Therefore it is portable for entrances.
Additionally, you can add Corporate branding to suit your requirements.


  • Quantity controlled atomisation disinfection.
  • Non-contact alcohol steriliser. As a result, no cross-contamination
  • Temperature measurement with infrared ray and sound-light alarm
  • Automatic fluid infusion and collection of liquid waste
  • Mass storage of up to 30,000 thermometric data points
  • Two cameras for various complex light scenes
  • Original patent and attractive channel
  • System is portable using casters and remains in place with brakes
Detailed Features
  • High-temperature alarm
  • Thermometry record
  • Surgical mask detection
  • Image storage
  • Register attendance
  • Travel records
  • Stranger alert
  • ID check
  • Facial recognition


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Technical Details
  • Size: (L) 180 x (W) 110 x (H) 241cm
  • Inner Channel Size: (L) 180 x (W) 100 x (H) 197 cm
  • Length of Spray Channel: 116cm
  • Spray area Protection Method: Magnetic PVC Curtain
  • Material: Cold Rolled Steel Plate
  • Rated Power: 900W
  • Disinfection Tank Capacity: 15L
  • Temperature Display Panel: Touch Screen size is 7 inches, Resolution is 600 x 1024px.
  • Fog making way: Ultrasonic Atomising
  • Body Temperature Detection Time: 3 Seconds

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  1. Mark

    I like the functionality of hand sanitizer, face recognition and fogging all in the single unit.

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