Motorscrubber Disinfectant Sprayer


A cordless, high torque, portable system for effective disinfection of common touch points and surfaces. The Motorscrubber Disinfectant Sprayer set includes a backpack and wand that applies a targeted liquid layer of detergent.


Spray on demand

Targeted Liquid Layer

Anti-microbial Chemistry

Surface Friendly

Anti-virus Disinfectant & Protection

Tiny Micron Droplets


The disinfectant spray penetrates every visible touch point with tiny droplets (around 68 microns) that are able to remain suspended in the air until it evaporates, in comparison to misting which often produces larger droplets (around 200 microns). The spray is powerful, compact, and can be continuously or randomly applied to surfaces with a single button wand.



The Motorscrubber Disinfectant Sprayer wand is very easy to operate. It is light to move high and low into spraying position and the flow rate is operator adjustable and regulated from a single button. The fine mist with special swirl is certified for advanced cleaning and an electrostatic charged spray is in production.

Thorough testing and risk assessments have led to the ballistic style and freedom to safely disinfect with more particles on target and less off target. The spray deposits less than pump or trigger sprayers, which can reduce application costs to make cleaning time more efficient.

Fitting and changing the disinfectant on the backpack is simple to do. The backpack can be adjusted to fit the body with comfort and is a lightweight design that evenly distributes weight when in use.



The new standard for on the go

Invented specifically for targeted cleaning, virus control and disinfection of common touch points. The single button, spray on demand feature, allows the freedom to safely disinfect on the go, with no trailing cables to contend with.

The wand is lightweight designed for prolonged use to deliver a targeted liquid layer of detergent and disinfectant, for effective cleaning and virus control. The Motorscrubber Disinfectant Sprayer is 100% waterproof and submersible in water with no shock risk due to its extra low safe voltage.

In addition, the battery-powered backpack is secured to the waist, maintaining perfect posture, and the safety strap is designed for unrestrictive movement when in use.


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If you’d like to find out more about our Motorscrubber Disinfectant Sprayer, or what combination of products would be needed for the hygiene strategy for your business, then contact our team of experts. By doing so, we at Medi-Clean, alongside the wider family of Core Additives and Elite GSS, will be able to provide you in-depth advice on any query. So, if you need more info, get in touch.




Technical Details

Storm Wand Sprayer

  • Droplet size: 68 Micron spray liquid with no gaps
  • Flow rate: 149ml/minute flow
  • Spray Range: 30cm effective distance
  • 100% waterproof


  • 3 hours runtime (8 hours rechargeable battery)
  • 14 litre capacity for 75m2 coverage
  • 3Kg weight (9Kg when full)


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