Soap2o Sustainable Hand Soap


The Soap2o Sustainable Hand Soap is a pleasant fragranced solution to protect against and eliminate bacteria, fungi, moulds and viruses, whilst also moisturising hands.

The biodegradable PVA sachet is mixed with water and the solution can be easily filled into the Pelican bottle or dispenser.


So simple yet so effective

1. Add water to measure line.

2. Place soluble sachet into bottle.

3. Shake for 30 seconds until completely dissolved.

4. Use as needed.



The fragranced Soap2o Sustainable Hand Soap has been developed to help companies implement a green soap solution removing the need of single-use plastics found in traditional soaps. It is an extremely cost-effective method of keeping the workplace clean and improving our environmental impact.

We believe that washing your hands and body shouldn’t damage the earth, so we are helping companies adopt a green soap solution. We are doing this by growing a global presence of our innovative soap solution and significantly reducing the existence of single use plastics found in traditional soaps. Join us on our mission!


What’s in the product range?

As well as supplying both eco-friendly soap and body wash, Soap₂o can also supply pelican bottles and dispensers in a choice of colours.

  • Soap2o Biodegradable PVA Sachets
  • 350ml Pelican Bottles
  • 800ml Dispensers


Naturally Sustainable and Ecological

Never use single use plastics again with Soap2o! Our ‘green’ soap solution reduces the existence of single use plastics found in traditional soaps, in which there is lots of wastage from 1 litre bag pouch systems being emptied into dispensers or refill systems.

Unnecessary water is shipped and plastic is used, so we aim to prevent any further plastic pollution generated by the soap industry. We can deliver 57,600 sachets (each making around 1-litre of product) on a standard 5-litre standard pallet, substantially reducing deliveries and the carbon footprint.

Medi-Clean can calculate great reductions in sustainable production, which then correspond to less landfill waste and distribution of plastics.

1. ‘Green’ Biodegradable Sachets
Condensed powder in water soluble film

3. Measured Perfect Dose
No waste and over use of soap solution

5. Minimised Manual Handling
No contact, no overspills and no overdosing with chemicals – compact storage and transport

2. Ultra-low Carbon Footprint
Calculated CO2 saving

4. Super Concentrated Solution
Superior dilution and quantity ratio, compared to other soaps

6. Tested Responsibly
No animal testing and vegan friendly


Want to find out more about our Soap2o Sustainable Hand Soap? If so, contact us

If you’d like to find out more about our fragranced hand soap, or a combination of products needed for the hygiene strategy of your business, then contact our team of experts. By doing so, we at Medi-Clean, alongside the wider family of Core Additives and Elite GSS, will be able to provide you in-depth advice on any query. So, if you need more info, get in touch.




Technical Details

Biodegradable PVA Sachet

  • Size: 69mm x 13mm
  • Sachets supplied in packs of 12 or 18
  • Natural pomegranate or pink grapefruit scent

Pelican Bottle

  • Size: 145mm x 74mm
  • Weight: 0.5Kg
  • 350ml capacity (for 300 doses)


  • Size: 235mm x 115mm x 110mm
  • Weight: 0.5Kg
  • 800ml capacity (for 670 perfect doses)


Better for you and our planet


Practical & Sustainable

We can deliver 57,600 sachets on a standard 5-litre pallet, reducing carbon footprint and limiting waste.


Effective Cleaning & Disinfecting

Biodegradable PVA sachets make 800ml-1000ml of product when mixed with water.


Reduce Plastic

There is over 8 million tonnes of plastic in our oceans. We aim to prevent further plastic pollution generated by the soap industry.


Not animal tested

The Soap2o solution is vegan friendly and has not been animal tested.


Cost Control & Training

Easy to use and cleaning advice provided. We’re not just here to educate the people buying Soap2o but also to those using it.


Reduce Storage

Businesses can have shelf space saved by up to 92% and transport costs by up to 90%.




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