Soluble Cleaning Solutions

Versatile cleaning without the waste

Soluble cleaning solutions that come as powder sachets to dilute with water and each sachet is safely wrapped in water soluble film, so you don’t come into contact when cleaning… just add water!

Better for you and our planet

We don’t like harming people or the environment.

Understandably, our soluble cleaning products are non-hazardous, as well as recyclable and reusable.

So whether you need the anti-viral cleaner, surface sanitser, or any of the other products below, you know you’ll be playing your part.

How our soluble cleaning solutions work for you

Reduce Storage

Less space required for storage and distribution. Tubs and re-sealable plastic bags for easy transportation/storage. Reduced storage space against traditional products.

Effective Cleaning

Effective formulations, with 100% biodegradable/phosphate-free range of products for different application areas for your business. Cleaner/disinfectant conforms to EN 1276.


There are designated /re-useable trigger sprays. Flexible packaging formats from 20 to 150 sachets in a pack. No costly dispensing equipment required, wasteful of resources.

Not Animal Tested

We never have, and never will test on animals. Solupak, in partnership with Medi-Clean Technologies, are proud to be accredited by both Cruelty Free International and the Vegan Society as an approved manufacturer.

Cost Control

Each of the soluble cleaning solutions can be put on easy to use cleaning plans, as well as having an easy to use dispensing shelf for storage. It's a cost effective method in safeguarding your business as part of a hygiene strategy.

Reduce Waste

They contribute to an 88% reduction in packaging, which is both good for the environment and more cost effective for your business. One tub of 100 bucket sachets equates to 5 x 5 litre containers, well below standard.

Soluble Cleaning
Work for You?

If you’re unsure about the difference between the below soluble cleaning solutions; don’t worry. 

Our team of experts here at Medi-Clean Technologies, and the wider Core Additives and Elite GSS family, can help understand the complexities of your own business requirements, and can suggest the best possible approach from the below products.

If you’d like to know more about which soluble cleaning solutions work best for you, please contact our team directly, who will be more than happy to help.

Medi-Clean Products

The Anti-Viral Cleaner is is suitable cleaning agent for use on all surfaces, where hygiene concerns are of paramount importance.

This washroom cleaner is built to remove limescale, break down soap scum or bodyfat, remove daily satins and reduce odour.

This Daily Toilet Cleaner is to minimise the spread of infection and viruses for internal surfaces of sanitary ware.

This Disinfectant is a non-chlorine effective decontaminating cleaning agent, which works in all areas against all bacteria where hygiene is essential.

A fragrance-free versatile sanitising cleaning agent for use in all food areas, where hygiene concerns are of paramount importance.

This Surface Sanitiser is a pleasant fragranced versatile sanitising cleaning agent for use on all worksurfaces an household or office rooms.

This Washroom Disinfectant Cleaner is a non-chlorine disinfectant which works as an effective decontaminate in all areas.