Why Medi-Clean Technologies?

Vision for Society

Our vision is to solve and improve longer term hygiene issues against reoccurring bacteria, fungi, moulds and viruses for working and public environments. In addition, we also provide an even higher level of safety for society because our health matters – that’s why Medi-Clean care for what we do in society.

Get that feeling of confidence

The disinfection and sanitisation solutions are formulated with unique chemistry – made from 100% environmentally friendly from natural plant extracts to provide improved benefits, in comparison to alternatives. 


All working areas will be protected, to feel assured that public and staff have greater confidence to visit and work normally in any environment.


Medi-Clean’s range of solutions are standalone, automatic or hand-held and the disinfectant application works extremely fast to sanitise and remain that way – whatever the size of your space.

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Small gestures
go a
long way

Good customer service is something we see as normal and our belief that small gestures can go the furthest.

A handshake. A phone call. A kept appointment.

Most importantly, we commit time to listen to what our customers have to say.

Whether you’d like to speak to us socially distanced in-person, or you’d like to contact us digitally, we’re here for you.

Why Medi-Clean are the right choice

Improve Hygiene

Improve hygiene issues to result in a direct longer term positive impact for businesses

Protect Longer

Protect and prolong you and your workforce against re-occurrence of infection.

Expand Coverage

Expand safety to an even higher level through a range of hygiene strategies and enrich safer working and public environments.


100% environmentally friendly technology; keeping you and the environment clean.

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Lee O'Nions

Managing Director
Core Additive Technologies

Medi-Clean’s formula is an electro-mechanical kill that destroys the cell and cannot mutate or replicate. Microbe cells are attracted to the spike and efficacy occurs by piercing the cell wall to destroy the cell. The positive charged nitrogen ion electrocutes the cell adding to the efficacy – thus no more super-bugs.”